Mendon 64

Photos included in my September 2018 show at Mendon 64.
Fall at the Falls  American Side Observation Tower  Niagara Falls NY  October 2014                                 It had been a long day of taking two out of town guests to see the Falls.  While they decided to take a boat from the Canadian side, I convinced them to stop on the way home and experience the view from the observation tower.  While they were looking around, I was struck with the possibilities of capturing the fall colors in a way I had not seen before. Patterns  Discovery Cube    Santa Ana CA    August 2005    This is the Orange County Discovery and Science Center.  It is now called the Discovery Cube and this is a shot of the sun from inside the cube. Angeles mexicanos  Inside migrant housing   Torrey Farms Orleans County  NY  September 2008  I was with a group visiting Orleans County to get a firsthand view of the plight of migrant farm workers there.  We found a building that served as housing for the workers who had left the day before to go south to work during the winter.  Inside one of the rooms, we found this mural painted on the wall.  Other walls showed evidence of earlier murals which had been painted over as surely these would be. Evening at St. Mary's Church  St. Mary Church        Rochester NY      May 2011  Sunset time at St. Mary’s Downtown.  I particularly like the midnight blue sky and the moon just above and to the left of the bell tower.
Light Streaks  Edgewood Rail Crossing  Henrietta NY September 2016  This is less than half a mile from my house.  That day I realized that the setting sun at just the right time of day would pour that wonderful orange light around the curve and down the tracks.  Now, every time I pass this way, I remember the way it looked that September evening. Waiting for the sunset  River Bend Inn       Niagara-on-the-Lake                   September 2016    It will be a full day before the sun sets in the west to which the chairs are facing.  This is shortly after sunrise. Woodland Stream #2  Ellison Park      Penfield NY       September 2017  A late summer walk revealed this gentle stream with its eroded banks. Woodland Stream #1  Ellison Park    Penfield NY    September 2017   A late summer walk revealed this gentle stream with its eroded banks.
Spiraling down  Vizcaya Museum and Gardens        Miami FL        March  2017  This was completed in 1916 as the winter estate of James Deering, one of the founders of International Harvester.  This an opulent structure designed to be reminiscent of the palaces of European royalty.  This photo shows the back stairs used by the servants and staff looking down three stories. Avenue of Live Oaks  Wormsloe State Historic Site    Savannah GA   March 2018  This is a mile long allee of live oaks leading to the ruins of Wormsloe, the 18th century plantation of Noble Jones. Rochester Spring  Highland Park                Rochester NY   May 2018  Spring arrives late here Rochester but when it does there is nothing better than a stroll in Highland Park with all the people enjoying the view and the weather. Cristo Gates  Central Park   New York NY      February 2005  The Gates were a group of gates comprising a site-specific work of art by Bulgarian artist Christo Yavacheff and French artist Jeanne-Claude, known jointly as Christo and Jeanne-Claude.
Full Moon over Sphinx  Liberty Memorial  Kansas City MO   December 2016  This a memorial to the “war to end all wars” which ironically most people feel led directly to the Second World War.  A 280 foot free-standing column is the heart of the memorial.  It is guarded by two Assyrian sphinxes.  Both have their eyes shielded: the one facing east to the battlefields in Europe—Memory—to forget the horrors of war and the one facing west—Future--toward an unknown future.  This image shows a full moon above Future with the lights of downtown Kansas City beyond. Day's End #1  Manhattan Beach CA      June 2016  We were in Southern California for a high school graduation and had spent the afternoon with two nieces at Manhattan Beach.  We were staying at a hotel there to be near LAX for an early morning flight home.  On a whim we decided to take the short drive to the beach to stroll while the sun set.  We were rewarded with several views of a peaceful beach and ocean at the end of the day. Day's End #2  Manhattan Beach CA    June 2016  This a view away from the setting sun with an orderly set of objects especially when cropped for a panorama. Rebel Artillery  Civil War Encampment  Tinker Park  Henriette NY  August 2017  The smoke is real but the image was edited to look “old timey.”
San Simeon Dreams  Hearst Castle   San Simeon CA          May 2006    A foggy California morning gave what would later in the day be a sun-drenched veranda, a dreamy and somewhat mysterious look. Foggy Fall Morning  Erie Canal Towpath Trail   Brighton NY   September 2017  Sometimes everything just seems to fall into place:  muted fall colors, fog and drizzle, canal and path with walkers disappearing in the distance.  I do not usually take my camera on my morning walks but I always have my phone.  The Samsung Note 5 captured everything perfectly. Picture Perfect  Baie Longue    St. Martin             May 2009      Everything was perfectly placed and balanced for an effective landscape of this resort on Long Bay. Sunset at Lock 33  Erie Canal Lock 33  Brighton NY  August 2016  Here is the old hydro building from the lock with a canal tug.  Nothing like clouds to color a sunset.  With no wind the canal was like a mirror.
Continental Divide #1  View from Rocky Mountain YMCA  Estes Park CO  October 2017  It had snowed the previous night and into the morning with bitterly cold winds.  The skies cleared by later in the afternoon but the winds continued whipping newly fallen snow on Continental Divide. First Light  Hopi Point, Grand Canyon AZ  February 2015  I learned a long time ago that the most interesting images of a sunrise or sunset are often behind us.  In this case, it was looking back to the west as the sun rose in the east.  As the sky grew light in the half hour before sunrise, the canyon began to disclose itself.  Watching for the first sunlight to hit that east facing wall was memorable. While she was shopping...  La Paloma   Tubac AZ   February 2016  Tubac is an artists’ haven about 45 minutes south of Tucson AZ.  It is filled with shops, artists’ studios, and historic sites.  Marilyn spent hours looking through the shops and studios and I spent the same amount of time looking for interesting subjects. Hydro Building  Lock 33 Hydro Building    Brighton NY        July 2018  My favorite subject.  This time in a square format.
Stanley Hotel  Estes Park CO  October 2018  The Stanley Hotel is said to have been the inspiration for Stephen King’s “The Shining.”  Although the movie was not filmed here, it has certainly added to the allure of this unique building and resort.  The late afternoon sun was illuminating the hotel and casting the surrounding hills into nice shadows. Gethsemani Vigils  Abbey of Gethsemani, Trappist KY  September 1986  Every day at 3:15 AM, the Trappists monks at Gethsemani arise to pray vigils, singing the psalms together in their chapel.  Guests and retreatants are welcome to participate as well.  In 1986 I spent a month living in the monastery, working and praying with the monks.  I captured this image after Vigils around 4:00 AM.  This is the walkway to the main doors of the church.  The community’s first cemetery is on the right and the retreat center and residence to the left. Deceiving Appearnaces  Owens-Thomas House  Savannah GA    April 2018  Completed in 1819, this house is one of the finest examples of English Regency architecture in America.  The dining room features indirect lighting, an innovation that was meant to convey the wealth of the owner.  That wealth was based on chattel slavery.  The family owned 800 enslaved persons whose desperate lives supported this luxury.  This photo raises the question, How much American wealth is and has been based on the enslavement and/or extermination of people of color? Up to Higher Ground  Mt. Hope Cemetery   Rochester NY  October 2008  Mt. Hope Cemetery is filled history, vistas, and hills.  In the fall there are interesting subjects everywhere.
Marching Arches  Garden of Eden  Arches N P, Moab UT  October 2017  These unique red sandstone formations seem to be marching east toward the Colorado mountains. Path through snowy woods  Bear Swamp State Forest      Sempronius NY  January 2009  Bear Swamp State Forest is 3400 acres largely composed of reforested farmland abandoned during the depression in the 1930’s and acquired by the State of New York.  There are 14 miles of multiuse trails covering the area.  This photo was taken on the red trail, late in the afternoon, as we were cross country skiing. While she was picking grapes..,.  Jerome’s U Pick   Naples NY  September 2017  Marilyn loves concord grapes and looked forward to picking her own.  I went along and spent some time among the vines seeing if I could find any images that were interesting.  Eventually I ventured away from the vines and into the surrounding fields.  The colors were vivid and the overcast day had turned partly cloudy which gave depth to the sky.  And then there was Bare Hill.  Perfect. Eze #1  Olive Oil Shop    Eze Cote d’Azur  FR  July 2000  Eze is a Medieval hill top village rising 1450 feet above the Mediterranean Sea directly below.
Eze #2  Alley of shops    Eze   Coted’Azur FR   July 2000 Here's looking up at you  Dead Horse Point   Canyonlands N. P. UT     October 2017  Dead Horse Point, 2000 feet from the camera, is must see spot for sunsets in Moab UT.  We never got there in our brief two day stay but we saw it from the level of the Colorado River. Approach over the Genesee  Rochester NY   October 2014  In 2013 the FAA began to permit the use of small  electronics throughout flights.  Thus it became possible to use cameras on takeoff and landing and capture images we had often seen but could not record.  This was taken from a regional jet on final approach to Rochester airport as it passed over the Genesee River and by the University of Rochester.  Other factors were in play:  beautiful weather, a window seat and a clean window. Moonrise and Sunset  Erie Canal Lock 33  Brighton NY  September 2016    A slight enhancement brings out the color of the sunset while the full moon rises.
Moorise over Lock 33  Lock 33 Hydro Station   Brighton NY  September 2016   The Lock 33 site includes a building that housed a hydro electric generator that used the flow-by water as the source of power.  The DC current generated was used to power locks 32 and 33 and the canal operations site in the Village of Pittsford.  The power was distributed by wire strung on concrete poles which can be seen on the south bank of the canal.  The building was renovated a few years ago and is image that I find difficult to resist. Chocolate  Union Station   Kansas City MO        December 2009  Chocolate:  The Exhibition was a national show about that delicious substance.  It was organized by the Field Museum and was at the Union Station for a very successful run.  The banner was what caught my eye. Tinker Wetlands  Tinker Nature Park       Henrietta NY     May 2007  Although recent years have seen a substantial decrease in the water in these wetlands, they have always been fascinating to those venture into the woods on boardwalks to experience these environmentally important areas.  Allens Creek begins in this park and flows north into Irondequoit Creek in Penfield. Hydro building with grunge filter  Lock 33 Erie Canal    Brighton NY    June 2014    The grunge filter makes this photo taken in Brighton NY look almost tropical.  Seen through the foliage on either side it seems that we have just come upon this building and are viewing it before anyone sees us.  I like that.
Comunidad La Perla  La Perla         San Juan PR                     April 2018  La Perla is a 200 year old that began as a shanty town outside the massive wall protecting Old San Juan.  Initially, the area was the site of a slaughter house because the law required it and homes of former slaves and homeless non-white to be established outside the city walls. Later, some of the farmers and workers started living around the slaughterhouse and shortly established their houses there.  To this day it retains its reputation as housing “outsiders.” Bridge with a view  From Ford St. Bridge  Rochester NY  August 2016  The Genesee River has always been an integral part of Rochester.  Rochester is here because of the falls on the river and the resulting hydro power they provided.  When a granddaughter visited from Southern California, this view of the river and downtown Rochester was a necessary stop on our tour.  We both took several photos from the Ford St. bridge. Smooth  Walt Disney Concert Center       Los Angeles       August 2004  This Frank Gehry design opened in 2003. Continental Divde #2  View from Rocky Mountain YMCA  Estes Park CO  October 2017  It had snowed the previous night and into the morning with bitterly cold winds.  The skies cleared by later in the afternoon but the winds continued whipping newly fallen snow on Continental Divide.
Arboreal Fingers  Ellison Park   Penfield NY   September 2017  A surprising find on a Sunday walk through Ellison Park.  The eroded bank, the exposed roots, and a nearby stream created a scene that caught my eye. The Arno from Ponte Vecchio  Ponte Vecchio             Florence IT          July 2000   A view up the Arno from that wonderful bridge filled with shops on both sides.  This view shows Ponte alle Grazie in the distance and Uffizi Gallery along the left bank. Monet's Porch  Monet’s summer home   Giverny FR     July 2000   This is a corner of Monet’s home in Giverny.  This was the site of many of his paintings of water lilies and flowers.